November 4, 2018

Parade of Saints Photo

The symbolism of our saints was remarkable.

Special Schedules Coming Up

We have PS-8th grade parent/teacher conferences in the evening on November 6th and during the day on November 8th.  There are no PS-8th grade classes on November 8th and 9th.  (Classes are normal on November 6th.)  Conferences for PS-5th grade are scheduled.  Sixth through 8th grade conferences and conferences for specials are in the cafeteria.

On November 12th, all JFK teachers will be involved in the new catechetical training for the Diocese of Davenport.  There are no PS-8th grade classes on November 12th.

ECLC is in session on all of these days.

Planning for Thanksgiving already?  There are no classes on November 21-23.  ECLC is open on the 21st but not on the 22nd or 23rd.

Sixth Grade Band Festival

Sixth grade students from the four Catholic elementary schools performed at Assumption High School last week.

Scott County Catholic Schools’ Parent University:  Growth Mindset in the Home

Join us for “Growth Mindset in the Home” at 6:00 p.m. at Sacred Heart on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.  Sponsored by Scott County Catholic schools’ counselors.

Are You Registered to Receive Text Messages from JFK?

If you are not registered to receive text messages from JFK (primarily families new to JFK and/or preschool), type “Y” or “Yes” to 67587.  You will not receive text messages from JFK if you do not take action yourself.

There is no action required to receive email or phone messages.

Portable Reptile Egg Incubator?

Sixth grade scientists were running tests to determine the right mixture of chemicals to produce the optimal temperature to be able to transport reptile eggs.


Annual Diocesan Appeal

We still have a ways to go with the the Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA).  The “mandated goal” for OLV is about $151,600 of which we’re only at 67% pledged.  We still need pledges of about $50,000, and, then, of course, the actual donations.  As a “mandatory goal,” if the ADA does not raise the funds, funds from the parish budget must make up the difference, and we’d have to cut expenses to pay the shortage.  Please support OLV/JFK and the Diocese of Davenport.

Annual Progress Report for 2017-18  

The Annual Progress Report for the 2017-18 school year was sent home with the “youngest and only” a couple of weeks ago.  If you missed it, it’s on our website.  Click HERE to view it.