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Youth Ministry

The Gallery

Youth Conferences

Mission Work

Porch Before

Porch During

Porch After

Mailbox Before

Mailbox After

Stairs Before

Stairs During

Stairs During

Stairs After

Frontyard Before

Frontyard During

Frontyard After

Backyard Before

Backyard During

Backyard During

Backyard After

Shed Before

Shed During

Shed After

Blinds Before

Blinds During

Blinds After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom During

Bathroom After

Oven Before

Oven After

Porch Ceiling & Light Before

Porch Ceiling & Light During

Porch Ceiling & Light After

Inside Before

Inside During

Inside During

Inside After

Care Packages During

Care Packages After

Deck Repair

Stair Build

Bannister Work

Working Hard? Hardly Working?


Break time

Deck Before

Deck Demolition

Deck Reinforcement

Deck Build

Deck Bannisters

Deck Bannisters

Deck Wrap Up

Yard Before

Yard Planting

Yard Planting

Yard Mulching

Yard Complete

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