November 17, 2019

Mock Trial Teams Compete

JFK’s Mock Trial teams competed last weekend at the Scott County courthouse.  We had two teams: a 6th grade team and a 7th/8th grade team.  Teams were coached by Mike Motto and Paul Macek with Mrs. Logan acting as our staff liaison.  Although neither of our teams advanced to “state,” the following students received individual recognition:

Outstanding attorneys:  Olivia F., Sean B., Brandon G., and Elexa A.

Outstanding witnesses:  Oscar K., Will A., and Cleary C.

Bryce E., Landon R., Elise B., Oscar K., Delilah R., Olivia F., Brandon G., and Avery H.


Elexa A., Rylie D., Sean B., Nate M., Will A., Cleary C., Aidyn A., John W., and Brian C.

Giving Thanks

6th-8th Graders Show Their Thanks


We Are Thankful for Our Staff Too!


Repeated Content Regarding Cell Phones and Social Media

Over the years, I have done several postings regarding cell phone usage and social media.  They are still relevant today with nearly every significant issue at school somehow tied into social media, either because it happens through social media or it is discussed and persists through comments on social media.  So far, the youngest students at JFK we have seen with issues regarding cell phone use have been eight years old.  Will you be ready?

With about 45% of 10 to 12 year olds in the US having not only their own smartphones but smartphones with a service plan (Nielsen report from February 2017), do you know what the kids are doing with their phones?

  • What apps are they using?  Have you tried them yourself?
  • What social media accounts are they using, how are they using them, and how often do you monitor their activity?  Just because a social media company says that no one under a certain age can have an account, doesn’t mean kids don’t fudge on their age.
  • Are they “roasting” each other or doing “burns?”  How should they respond when they are the target of the burns?  You’d be shocked at the vulgar and vile language that students will use in the “anonymity” of the electronic age.
  • What will they (and you) do when they receive inappropriate pictures taken off the Internet and from people they actually know?  The average age of first exposure to pornography is around eleven.  If eleven is average, what will they and you do if they are even younger?
  • What shows are they watching in an era when family members are watching more and more shows independently on their own Internet connected devices than gathered around a television as a family?  What are the ratings on the shows they watch?  Are they just “Youtubing” random videos?
  • What group chats are they in?  Who monitors them?  What will they (and you) do when the chat turns ugly?
  • Do you know how to block things on phones or restrict settings?
  • Do you know how to not only “delete” but then to empty the “trash” on phones?
  • Are you modeling good social media use yourself?

The following is an interesting blog post on how cell phones and social media have changed the landscape.  Click here to read the story:  Comparing 2008 with 2018.

Issues of social media and technology cross all demographic and geographic groups.  St. Paul’s has recently started a parent group, NTT (Navigating Technology Together) that is now expanding to the other Catholic schools. This month’s topic is “pornography and our children” with Dr. Lyndsey Day.  NTT is an evening of awareness and discussion.  The November meeting is Tuesday, November 19th at 6:30 p.m. in St. Paul’s Denning Hall.  All are welcome.

Social-Emotional-Behavioral Well-Being of Students

The social-emotional-behavioral well-being of students remains a high priority at JFK.  Research reveals that social and emotional skills are critical for success at school, work, and in life.  These skills impact academic achievement, attendance, and attitudes and behaviors in school.  They impact job satisfaction, performance, and income.  They impact positive health behaviors, life satisfaction, and happiness.  The best part research is revealing is that these skills can also be learned, and students can grow and develop in these areas!

In grades 2 and 4, we use a screener called  SAEBRS to help identify areas upon which teachers and Mrs. Wolf should focus.  In grades 6-8, we will be teaming with ACT to use their Tessera assessment system and lessons.  More information will be sent home shortly for 6th-8th grade families.

Highlighted Upcoming Dates (See Website for Complete Calendar)

Nov 18:  7/8 Choir out of uniform.  JFK’s Toys for Tots drive begins

Nov 19:  Navigating Technology Together at St. Paul’s Denning Hall, 6:30 p.m.

Nov 22:  Pajama Day.  Butterbraid bread delivery to JFK

Nov 25:  JFK’s Toys for Tots drive ends

Nov 27:  Thanksgiving break.  ECLC open.

Nov 28-29:  Thanksgiving break.  ECLC closed.

Dec 21 – Jan 5:  Christmas Break.  Check the school calendar for dates when ECLC is closed.

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The Secret to Shopping?

Last week, I commented that I wasn’t sure I was cut out for shopping any more.  I used to do more when our kids were younger as I did much of the grocery shopping each weekend and would usually go to HyVee one weekend and Walmart the next.  This week, I think I figured out why I didn’t mind these activities then, and why they aren’t enjoyable now.  Now, when I go, it’s usually by myself.  Then, when I went, it was always with one or two of my children.  It’s not the shopping itself that makes the difference; it’s the company you have in doing it!