December 8, 2019

Victory Vouchers Make Great Christmas Gifts Too

Victory Vouchers make great Christmas gifts too.  You purchase gift certificates or gift cards through OLV at face value, and the parish purchases them at a program discount.  The difference ends up being a painless fund-raiser; the card is worth exactly what you pay for it.  In addition to this fund-raising element, our Victory Voucher program also allows parishioners to receive a 2% credit on all purchases that can be directed to school tuition, youth ministry programming, Faith Formation fees, or other selected areas within the parish.  The parish regularly stocks Victory Vouchers from over 50 national and local businesses, and others are available by special order.  HyVee participates through a coupon program that you can print yourself.  Vouchers are sold on Sundays in the Gathering Space at church from 7:30-11 AM, at the Parish Office on weekdays from 7:30-4:00 PM, or by leaving a prepaid order at the parish or school office.  For more information, check out the information on the Victory Voucher section of our website.  Vouchers can also be purchased online at

Fr. Jake’s Announcement Regarding the Development of a Regionalized Catholic School System in Scott County

Click HERE for the special December Principal’s Post announcing the endorsement of a regionalized Catholic school system in Scott County.

Mississippi Valley School Tuition Organization Still Needs $250,000

The following is edited and reprinted from Fr. Jake’s bulletin article three weeks ago:

“Many parishioners are familiar with the Family Tuition Plan because of the financial assistance they have received through this program….   Last year, the Family Tuition Plan helped support 634 students with a total of $1,280,903 in financial assistance throughout Scott County. Our parish had 148 students at JFK and Assumption High School (AHS) receiving $281,439 in financial assistance. In other words, OLV parishioners received 22% of the total assistance available in all of Scott County. OLV is [the] largest single recipient of financial assistance in Scott County….

The money used for the Family Tuition Program is raised primarily through donations given to the Mississippi Valley School Tuition Organization (MVSTO). The MVSTO’s primary mission every year is to raise approximately $1,200,000 to fund the Family Tuition Plan. For anyone interested in donating to the MVSTO, there is also a financial incentive. The Iowa Education Opportunities Act,… allows Iowa taxpayers to claim a 65% direct state tax credit for all donations made to the MVSTO. For example, if someone is able to make a $1000 donation to MVSTO, this individual will receive a tax credit certificate for $650 that is applied when s/he files their state taxes. Depending on each person’s tax situation, you might also be able to deduct some of this same $1000 donation from your federal taxes as well.”

As of earlier this week, the MVSTO still needed about $250,000 before January 1st to reach the goal.  If the donations do not reach the goal, less money will be available for tuition assistance in Scott County Catholic schools.

Highlighted Upcoming Dates

It’s starting to get very busy for every grade.  Below are some highlights.  Please see the website for a more complete calendar and look for grade specific notes from teachers.

Dec 9:  Feast of the Immaculate Conception Mass.  Civic Oration

Dec 11:  5th-8th Grade Out of Uniform

Dec 12:  Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe all school Mass.  3/4 Christmas show.  Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe All School Mass

Dec 13:  4 yr old PS show

Dec 15:  Communal Penance Service at OLV

Dec 16:  3rd grade gingerbread houses.  Skate Night. Communal Penance Service at St. John Vianney

Dec 17:  Band Concert (day at JFK, night at AHS)

Dec 18:  3 yr old PS family activity

Dec 19:  K-2 Christmas show

Dec 20:  All school Mass.  Special dismissal at 12:40

Dec 21 – Jan 5:  Christmas Break.  Check the school calendar for dates when ECLC is closed.

OLV parish bulletin:  Click HERE or use the following link/url:

Indoor Recess Games on Teachers’ Wishlists

Just about every teacher has indoor recess games on their wish lists.  Games like ConnectFour, Trouble, CandyLand, Uno, etc. can be played in the 15 minutes of recess by students of multiple ages.  If your child would like to give his/her teacher a gift this Christmas season, please consider an indoor recess game.

New Employees

JFK welcomes the following to our staff:

David Kisner:  Mr. Kisner has begun as the evening custodian at JFK.  Remember to thank him for keeping the restrooms and rooms clean!

Helen Curley:  Mrs. Curley has started as a part-time instructional aide working in ECLC, 1st/2nd grade classes, and recesses.  We appreciate her flexibility, which is allowing Mrs. Creech to spend more time with kindergartners.  Mrs. Guinn is then taking Mrs. Creech’s spot in afternoon preschool classes.

AHS Information Knight

All families interested in learning about everything AHS has to offer are encouraged to attend the Information Knight Session on Wednesday, December 11th from 5:30-6:30 PM in the AHS Carroll Lab.  This is an informative session for parents to learn about academic offerings and financial aid options.
Any K-8 student in attendance will be partnered with a group of AHS Student Ambassadors for a tour of the school. Please park in the main student entrance.  AHS Ambassadors will escort families to the Carroll Lab.  Contact Kris Kellenberger, AHS Director of Admissions at 326-5313 ext. 230 or with questions.

AHS Children’s Play/Musical

The Assumption Knight Players proudly present Elf: the Musical, Jr.  Friday, December 13 at 6:30 PM and Saturday, December 14 at 2 PM at
Assumption High School’s Sunderbruch Auditorium.  All tickets are $5.00 and children 5 years old and under are free!
A Children’s Theater Workshop is also being offered on December 14 from 10 AM-2PM for students in 1st-6th grade – info available at

Large Print Books

Over the last several years, I’ve discovered “large print” books at the public library.  I can typically make a library run in under five minutes these days, not including any “business” that I need to conduct.  I select 2-4 books from the New Books racks, and part of one rack includes large print books.  Whenever I read a large print book, I always feel like I’m making such good progress.  Now, if I can only figure out how to not have to conduct “business” at the counter every six weeks or so when I pay my book fines,….