Kathy Peterson

I am a “cradle Catholic” and have been a member of OLV for 25 years.  My husband Randy and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage and have three children – Joe (graduated from college), Erica (currently in college) and Carrie (will be entering college).  I have lived in the Quad Cities my entire life and completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees from St. Ambrose University.  I have been involved with youth for many years as a Boy Scout Leader and through school organizations.  I enjoy camping, gardening, music and spending time with family and friends.

Julie Kilburg

Hello, my name is Julie Kilburg. I have been a member of Our Lady of Victory since 1997.  Since joining the parish I have become involved in several different ministries of the church.  For the past 13 years, I have been volunteering as a catechist with the High school Youth Ministry program. As a teenager, I met many inspiring adults that have been great role models for me and helped me on my faith journey. I know that the teenage years are tough.  So I hope that I can let those teens know that I am here to help them on their journey as teenagers; as well as, when they become adults! I hope to be a great role model for the teens like those adults were to me as a teenager.  I am so thankful for those adults that have helped me on my journey as a teenager and continue to help me on my journey as an adult!  I am also thankful for the adults that I have met in the CEW community, as they have inspired me and invited me to become more involved in parish life here at Our Lady of Victory. I hope to continue to encourage and support the youth and young adults today, so they will become involved in the present church, as they become the future of the church.

Hollie Matthys

Hello, my name is Hollie Mathys, and I’ve been a member of OLV parish for 25 years. I have been involved in Youth Ministry for 9 years (between OLV and St. Ann’s). I love to hike, read, but most of all spend time with my family. My family includes my loving husband Mike, my son Sean, and my two daughters Janis and Shelley.

Mickey Prosise

My name is Mickey (Michelle) Prosise and I’ve been a member of OLV parish for  33 years. I’m a “cradle catholic” being raised in Joliet, IL and attended St. John the Baptist Catholic School for years. I’m married to Chuck and have 3 wonderful sons, Eric, Steve and Adam who all were baptized in and attended this parish and participated in the religious education program. I’m a retired registered nurse and grandmother to 2 wonderful girls.
I first began my religious education background at the invitation of Judy Johnson back in 1985. I thought I’d try my hand at teaching. I was involved in 1st grade and quickly moved up to 2nd and the big sacrament year!  I truly loved introducing Jesus to my students!  I later became the coordinator of Pre-K thru 3rd grade religious ed. I enjoyed working with so many wonderful volunteers and students during that time. When the position was eliminated I moved over to volunteer in youth ministry – where my heart is now! I’m allowed to use some of my talents to help build a strong background of ministry with our teens. I can also share the perspective of the contemporary music group and wellness committee where I am a member.  I truly believe our catholic faith has many components and there is a place to serve for everyone. God made us uniquely for His purpose. It’s our job as a youth ministry team to help guide the youth on their path in His kingdom!

Evan Brankin


I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, and your coordinator of youth ministry. I moved to Davenport from Williamsburg, VA, where I lived for eight years. I worked as a volunteer with middle school and high school students at St. Bede Catholic Church for much of that time. I’m originally from Chicagoland. I was born in the city and lived in the suburbs most of my life, so I’m no stranger to the Midwest, to winter, or to corn. I attended Marmion Academy for high school and Miami University (Ohio) for college. After college, I lived in Japan for two years, teaching English and working with middle school and elementary school students. I speak English and Japanese fairly well now, and also some French, Chinese, Korean and Italian. I’m learning the latter for a pilgrimage to Rome this fall. I love to read and write, especially poetry, theology, and fiction, and I dabble in painting and drawing. I also practice martial arts, brew my own beer, and otherwise find ways to glorify God and enjoy life with my friends and fellow disciples.

You can see I have traveled great distances, and made some big moves in my life. I’ve been Catholic all my life, but I’ve experienced many profound moments of metanoia, or conversion, that give me wide experience of spiritual changes in life as well. These conversions are part of the work of God’s grace in my life. He has led me on a continual journey through all the wilderness of modern life, never letting me fall too far from Him, and always bringing me to a more perfect love for Him and a more complete freedom. This journey has led most recently to discerning religious life and a new mission with youth ministry and thus to my arrival here, ready to serve God, you, and the parish community. I look forward to sharing more of my story with you and hearing yours in the months to come, and building up some truly amazing friendships as we grow as disciples of Jesus together!

In the peace of Christ,

Evan Brankin