Safe Environment

Teaching safety and empowering God’s children program-

In 2003, the Diocese of Davenport implemented the Safe Environment Program through Catholic Mutual Group (CMG Connect), Background Checks and the  “Teaching  Safety – Empowering God’s Children” curriculum for K-12 youth by the Bishop for schools and religious education.

All JFK/OLV employees, teachers, coaches, scout leaders and volunteers are to complete all the requirements of the diocese before they can be employed or volunteer with our children or vulnerable adults.  This requirement includes completing the Protecting God’s Children Safe environment training and a background check.  If you are an employee or volunteer working with money, a credit check may also be required.  The background check is run by a diocesan approved agency that provides a criminal history. The credit check (if required) is ran by the same company.  We are very passionate about this program and feel it is very important. Contact Lisa Willows – Safe Environment Coordinator at 563-391-4245 or email: for directions on completing the requirements.