Mickey Prosise

My name is Mickey (Michelle) Prosise and I’ve been a member of OLV parish for  33 years. I’m a “cradle catholic” being raised in Joliet, IL and attended St. John the Baptist Catholic School for years. I’m married to Chuck and have 3 wonderful sons, Eric, Steve and Adam who all were baptized in and attended this parish and participated in the religious education program. I’m a retired registered nurse and grandmother to 2 wonderful girls.
I first began my religious education background at the invitation of Judy Johnson back in 1985. I thought I’d try my hand at teaching. I was involved in 1st grade and quickly moved up to 2nd and the big sacrament year!  I truly loved introducing Jesus to my students!  I later became the coordinator of Pre-K thru 3rd grade religious ed. I enjoyed working with so many wonderful volunteers and students during that time. When the position was eliminated I moved over to volunteer in youth ministry – where my heart is now! I’m allowed to use some of my talents to help build a strong background of ministry with our teens. I can also share the perspective of the contemporary music group and wellness committee where I am a member.  I truly believe our catholic faith has many components and there is a place to serve for everyone. God made us uniquely for His purpose. It’s our job as a youth ministry team to help guide the youth on their path in His kingdom!