Julie Kilburg

Hello, my name is Julie Kilburg. I have been a member of Our Lady of Victory since 1997.  Since joining the parish I have become involved in several different ministries of the church.  For the past 13 years, I have been volunteering as a catechist with the High school Youth Ministry program. As a teenager, I met many inspiring adults that have been great role models for me and helped me on my faith journey. I know that the teenage years are tough.  So I hope that I can let those teens know that I am here to help them on their journey as teenagers; as well as, when they become adults! I hope to be a great role model for the teens like those adults were to me as a teenager.  I am so thankful for those adults that have helped me on my journey as a teenager and continue to help me on my journey as an adult!  I am also thankful for the adults that I have met in the CEW community, as they have inspired me and invited me to become more involved in parish life here at Our Lady of Victory. I hope to continue to encourage and support the youth and young adults today, so they will become involved in the present church, as they become the future of the church.