NCYC – National Catholic Youth Conference

The National Catholic Youth Conference, frequently referred to as NCYC, is a three-day event for Catholic youth. NCYC is held every two years in the United States and is organized in part by the host diocese of the city. The conference is principally organized by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM).

We attended NCYC 2017 in Indianapolis and have an upcoming meeting to reflect on the pilgrimage and see what it meant in the lives of our teens and their families! We also have money coming back for families who participated in fundraising efforts!


“Why do we go to NCYC?”

NCYC is an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ in a new and different way. Many of us are used to the usual routine of life and discipleship. NCYC takes us out of our comfort zone and into a new spiritual space and time, where the daily concerns of teens can be set aside to focus on God and their relationship with Him.

NCYC is an opportunity to see just how big the Church is in the United States. With over 20,000 teens attending from all over the country, our teens come back understanding that Catholic really does mean Universal, and they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Jesus took His disciples with Him to pray, and took a special time to instruct them in the meaning behind His parables and teachings. At NCYC teens have the chance to have that special time to pray with Jesus in Adoration and Liturgies and to learn from Him, and from some of the best teachers and speakers in the Catholic Church today.

“What are we doing to get ready?”

The Sweetheart’s Dinner

We host a formal, professionally catered, Valentine’s Dinner every year. We really bond and have a great time while running the event, we promote the growth of our parish community, and we raise money for our trip every year.

St. Nick’s Breakfast

Come one, come all to the annual Youth Ministry pancake breakfast, hosted by St. Nicholas on the Sunday closest to his feast day every December! Enjoy pancakes, eggs, sausage, and all the trimmings served by teen members of the parish after your Mass of choice Sunday morning, and support our ministry!

QC Morning Optimist’s Ave. of Flags

Five times a year teens and adults from OLV get up early in the morning and join the QC Optimists in putting out flags for patriotic community displays. We raise money for our trip to NCYC, have fun, and get to make our city and nation proud!

Gallery of photos to come soon!

If you’d like to support us by subscribing to our flag route, please see below!

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Photo gallery to come after event!

Come support our inaugural Knights of Columbus/Youth Ministry trivia night!

Knights of Columbus Trivia Night

OLV Youth Ministry, in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus, hosted a trivia night at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Davenport. We sold tables for teams of 8 at $10 per seat, along with mulligans, a 50/50 raffle and silent auction items and raised over $4,000 total thanks to a generous matching $2,000 contribution from the Knights! Details still TBD about whether we will continue this event going forward!

“What will it cost?”

Our trip is organized by the Diocese of Davenport, and in 2017 involved a cost of $495/person for busing, hotels, and registration. Certain incidentals – like meals and trade items, are considered out of pocket expenses.

Our goal is to send all of our teens and chaperones to NCYC as close to cost free as possible. To achieve this we organize a variety of fundraisers over the course of each two year intermediate period which teens can choose to use for NCYC or other trips. We try to focus on fundraisers that will benefit the communities of OLV and Davenport.

We invite all participating teens and chaperones to engage in as much fundraising as they need, not only to lower their costs but to build a stronger community and get more out of their pilgrimage. There are also scholarships available for those in real financial need.