Principal’s Post

Principal’s Post for December 3, 2023

I’m So Blessed!

With the receipt of a Scott County Regional Authority grant of $54,5000 toward a new playground, OLV’s finance and parish councils approved the nearly $200.000 playground project. The project includes the removal of all the playground equipment behind the school and replaces it with interconnected play structures, stand alone climbing structures, gravity-line/rail riding systems, and outdoor music equipment.  Part of the play area would have rubberized protective surfacing, and the rest would be surfaced with playground-certified engineered wood fiber (mulch).  Finally, a path would be made from the back doors of the school to the play area. If everything goes well, the new playground would be ready for the fall of 2024. Below is a drawing of the play area:



Mystery Lake

JFK’s middle schoolers performed Mystery Lake, a play written by our own technology coordinator Dianne Siefers and directed by Ms. Siefers and Mrs. Potter.  It’s amazing what our students can do!

Civic Oration Competition Rounds Begin This Week

Students in grades 5-8 begin the competition rounds of civic oration this week.  Civic oration starts as a research paper writing project and continues through public speaking. Approximately 75% of our 8th graders mention civic oration as the activity for which they are most proud or thankful for in their education at JFK. This year’s civic oration theme is animals.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

JFK students will celebrate Mass twice this week: our regular Wednesday Mass and the holy day of obligation Mass on Friday for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  OLV has a vigil Mass at 6:00 p.m. on December 7th and Masses at 7:00 a.m., 8:15 a.m., and 12:00 p.m. on the 8th.

Talent Show

It’s time to start thinking about the Catholic Schools Week talent show.  Individual and small group acts are encouraged. I still remember my son doing a magic act and playing the guitar, and my daughters singing. We still have the girls’ duet on video!  Look for more details coming out before Christmas break.

Positions in SCCS

  1. JFK is looking to fill a full-time, school year only childcare, preschool, and recess supervisory position.  Please forward your resume to Chad Steimle at
  2. The Little Lancers at Lourdes Catholic School have both a Full time and a Part time Childcare position open in the childcare center.   Please forward your resume to Beth Giese at  or contact her with any questions.
  3. SCCS Business Office is looking for a Full-time  Bookkeeper/Accountant to join the team.  If you have 2-4 years of accounting education and or equivalent experience, please send your resume to Nikki Gartner at
  4. Villa Maria is looking for Full and Part-time Childcare positions.  Please forward your resume to Lauren Hovey at

Busy December!

December always seems busy, but this year it seems even more compact.  Thanks for all your support and for trying to keep it all sorted out on your calendars!

Academics Come First

Regardless of how busy we are, academics still need to come first in schools.  Please make sure you and your students are staying on top of the school work. We just passed the mid-way point of the second quarter, and there are way too many students with missing work. If you need help checking your students’ grades in PowerSchool or don’t have your account set up yet, please email

Calendar Highlights

Here are just a few items highlighted from the detailed online school calendar:

  • Dec 4:  Civic Oration speeches round 1
  • Dec 6:  Civic Oration speeches round 2
  • Dec 7:  5th-8th Out of Uniform.  1st/2nd Gr Field Trip
  • Dec 8:  Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Holy Day of Obligation)
  • Dec 9:  Ladies Night
  • Dec 10:  Ignite Sunday
  • Dec 11:  Civic Oration speeches final round
  • Dec 12:  3/4 Christmas show.  Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe School Mass.
  • Dec 14:  Band Concert
  • Dec 15:  4/5 YO PS family event.  JFK Reconciliation
  • Dec 18:  3rd grade Gingerbread Houses
  • Dec 19:  3 YO PS family event. K-2 Christmas program
  • Dec 20:  K-2 Christmas program for the student body.  Red, White, Green Christmas attire dress day.  Early dismissal at 12:40.
  • Dec 21:  Christmas break begins
  • Dec 25/26:  ECLC Closed
  • Dec 27/28:  ECLC Open
  • Dec 29:  ECLC Closed
  • Jan 1:  ECLC Closed
  • Jan 2:  No classes – in-service.  ECLC Open
  • Jan 3:  Classes resume

JFK GROWS Students of the Month

Each morning, students and teachers at JFK recite the JFK Difference:  JFK GROWS.  We put God first, use Respectful behaviors, find Opportunities to serve, are Welcoming to all, and make Safe choices.  Each month, we recognize one student at each grade level, alternating each month between the two homerooms, whose teachers have observed exhibiting these traits particularly well at school during the past month:

  • Kindergarten:  Everly C
    • Everly comes to school every morning with a smile on her face and ready to learn.  She is a good listener, works hard at following directions, and waits patiently for her turn.  Everly is kind to her classmates and eager to play with everyone
  • 1st Grade:  Alicia S
    • Alicia comes to school with a smile on her face and is ready to work. She follows the school rules and is a friend to all.
  • 2nd Grade:  Gracie T
    • Gracie is a shining example of the JFK Difference. Her bright smile lights up the room, and she is kind to everyone she meets. She has incredible patience and always asks questions when she doesn’t understand something. She is always willing to invite others to play or help with anything someone needs.
  • 3rd Grade:  Gabriel S
    •  Gabriel is a responsible student who is always thinking of others. He is often praised by his classmates for his many acts of kindness.
  • 4th Grade:  Aaron T
    • Aaron always has a smile on his face, and his good attitude is contagious!!   He is willing to help others and is respectful of everyone.  He also loves his role as an altar server at Masses.
  • 5th Grade:  Liam S
    • Liam is a hard worker and tries to help anyone in need. He makes safe choices and reminds others to do the same.
  • 6th Grade:  Isabelle F
    • Isabelle is a hard worker who is respectful and always willing to lend a helping hand.
  • 7th Grade:  Derek C
    • Derek meets a dictionary definition of dependable. He always does everything that is asked of him.  He is precise in his work without going overboard, and his behavior is always on point. He helps his peers without doing their work for them. He is polite, genuine and rolls with the constant changes to 7th graders’ lives.
  • 8th Grade:  Alison J
    • Alison has a positive attitude and a great work ethic in class.