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Upon This Rock

Supporting our Priests - Strengthening Our Church

Diocese of Davenport Capital Campaign

Campaign Priorities

The Diocese of Davenport’s Upon This Rock Capital Campaign,
which kicked off in spring 2022, will focus on three key areas:
  1. Priests’ retirement and health care funding
  2. Seminarian education and formation
  3. Strengthening parishes

The Parish Share

Funds from the campaign will be an important element for capital projects in the years ahead.  With a new pastor coming soon, it will be prudent to determine the use of the fund over the three-year pledge period.

Donate Now

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Parish Campaign Chairs

A note from our Campaign Chairs:

Mike & Leslie Strajack
Ben & Melissa Jobgen

Upon This Rock Campaign Goal

Victory Goal – $28 Million

  • Priest’s health care and retirement:  $16.7 million
    Meets about 70% of the expected future needs for priests’ health care and retirement funding
  • Seminarians’ education costs:  $5.7 million
    Strengthens a fund that without action could be depleted in 2024
  • Individual parish needs: $5.6 million
         20% of what is raised by a parish is returned to that parish for its own use
  • Priests’ Aid Society assessment:  25% reduction
    Parish assessment reduced by 25% for at least five years


Campaign Video

“This campaign is being led and coordinated by the diocese, but we are making an investment in the future of our parish by our support.”
-Fr. Jake

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