Mary Ann Otte 300 Club



The Foundation is thankful for all 300 Club Participants.

The timeline below shows the original goal was to increase the OLV Foundation endowment to $1,000,000 with a 7 year timeframe in mind.  This was achieved in 2019 with many 300 Club members joining us.  We are so grateful for everyone’s efforts in addition to gifts received through the Legacy Campaign.

With this success, we recognize it is very important to continue with 300 Club member ongoing support.  The 300 Club now is flexible to allow for continued annual $300 gifts (or $25 a month) for any number of years that work for you.  You can become a member today with your first payment using the online methods (ONLINE GIVING LINK) or the blue envelope contained in the regular monthly envelopes.

We are thankful for any past and future support you are able to provide.  Keeping a strong 300 Club will provide a continuing source of income for many years for OLV Parish and JFK School.  

Mary Ann Otte 300 Club Members

Joanie & Leo August
Margaret Beetz
Scott Benfort
+Doug & Mary Ann Boemecke
+Milt & Debbie Bossch
Jane Brockmann
Tom & Sandy Brus
Don & Kathy Burman
Serjio & Elizabeth Casillas
+Jack & Mary Ann Clark
Michael Clarke
Ann Condon
Andy & Ann Craig
Joe & Connie Creen
Sally Crino
Doug & Molly Crosby
Theola De Cook
James & Kathy Dean
Gene & Cheri Donna
Fran & Carmine Draude
+Ivan & Mary Even
Stephen & Lynn Frank
Patricia Frederking
Curtis & Mary Frick
Merlyn & Jeanne Frick
Richard & Julie Gacke
Trish Gallagher
Karen Gannon
Richard & Barbara Gaylord
John & Julie Gill
Dave & Delores Green
Rev. Jacob Greiner
Ron & +Kathie Gunnare
Jim & Sandy Hagerman
Rita Hagner
Dawn & Matt Henning
Terry & Sharon Hester
Dave & Trish Hinchman
+Joe Janeczko
Mark & Judy Johnson
Mike & Honore Johnston
Charlie & Rita Jones
David Kapolka
Mary Keitel
Thomas & Debbie Kelly
Nancy Ketelaar
+Leo & +Shirley Kilfoy
Robert & Janet King
Thomas & Constance Klein
Jean & Frederick Kono
Brian & Elaine Kopf
Mike & Dee Lazio
Walter & Therese Leahy
Dean & Beth Lemons
Richard & Christina Lensmire
Lindaman Family
Juanita Lopez
Ann Lotspeich
Elizabeth Lotspeich
Margaret Lotspeich
Patricia Lotspeich
Bernie & Cathy Mack
Deanne Mainey
Deborah Mannhardt
Maryetta Masterson
Mike & Hollie Matthys
Dave & Angela Mattke
Steve & Char McGovern
Don & Georgette Menster
+Rev. William Meyer
Joan Milder
Barb & Chris Milke
Nicholas & Cathleen Miller
Sister Patricia Miller
Gerald & Pamela Murphy
Tom & Kathy Neuberger
Jane Neuhaus
Bob & Pat Nolan
+Darlene Nolan
Thomas & Kerri Nykoluk
James & Sue O’Brien
Jim & Judy O’Brien
+Mary Ann Otte
+Msgr James Parizek
Randy & Kathy Peterson
Robert & Irene Peterson
Rick & Roni Pianca
Denis & Linda Prior
Jane Remley
Doug & Kyle Rick
Marilyn & +Fran Riley
+Leon & Frances Saskowski
Rose Schebler
Paul & Cindy Scheibelhut
Peter & Andrea Schuster
Doug & Joann Scovil
David & Christine Sigwarth
David & Carole Smith
Ted & Jackie Stephens
Paul & Kitty Temming
Jim & Alice Timmerman
Patrick & Mary Triplett
Charlie & Joyce Urbain
Cale & Jennifer VanGenderen
Mike & Jennifer VanSpeybrock
John & Cheryl Wagner
Mary Wahlig
Daniel & Lori Walljasper
Chris & Jennifer Wemhoff
Yvonne Werthmann
Gerald & Marcia Wickersham
Sam & Mary Wilson
Alan & Thelma Wulf
Kris & Greg Zeller
Scott & Cheryl Zimamek

Milestones and Progress:

Spring 2013:
The 300 Club initiative is taking off by word of mouth! Checks began arriving for $300 after meetings with various Our Lady of Victory and John F. Kennedy leadership groups. Thank you to all who have recognized and understand the need for a strong Foundation.

July, 2013:
The OLV Foundation has received a generous gift from a parishioner who is challenging 10 other OLV parishioners to donate $300 each over the next 3 months and become members of the 300 Club. If this challenge is met, a total of $6,000 will be added to the Foundation’s endowment.

October 20, 2013
We enjoyed the company of our wonderful supporters at the annual Harvest Day Dinner as we took time to celebrate 2013 and look forward to 2014 with enthusiasm as we Create Tomorrow’s Parish Today!

March, 2014
Watch for a mailing sharing the benefits of giving to the Foundation. Your support will be important and will be appreciated for years to come. Join us today as we strive to reach our goal of 300 members in the 300 club!

April, 2014
Visit our new Online Giving page to take your first step in becoming a 300 Club Member.

October, 2014
The number of members DOUBLED!

December, 2015
The endowment was valued at over $450,000.

July, 2016
While still looking for more 300 Club members to join us, Legacy Levels are being established to encourage faster achievement of our $1,000,000 goal!

July, 2017
Thank you to everyone who joined us in 2016! We continue to grow and increase our endowment to enable records distributions with the impact each and every 300 club member makes. Special thanks to those gifting the entire $300 7 year commitment of $2100 as a lump sum. We love that members are taking advantage of the flexibility of scheduling their gifts online also!

September, 2017 
After a delay in starting the Legacy Campaign while the parish used the SOW campaign to save/restore the beautiful stained glass window, the campaign is officially underway.  Thank you to those choosing to join the 300 Club and also to those current members renewing for another 7 years.

July, 2018 
The 300 Club is over a third of the way to our goal of 300 members! Currently at 110 members strong, some of the early 300 club leaders have also become active in our Legacy Campaign reaching goals over $300 a year! We are thankful for new and renewing members and will continue to welcome additional members.

September, 2019
We are pleased and grateful to announce the attainment of our first $1,000,000 endowment goal!

July, 2020
The distribution check back to the parish and school reaches $55,000!

July 2020 through June 2021
The 300 Club will honor Founding Board Member Mary Ann Otte, who was an inspiration to many to join the 300 Club and make a difference.  Please see the 2020 Annual Report for more information.