Love your Neighbor





“You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden. Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.”

Mt. 5:14,16






Summer Mission

One of the classic church youth events is a mission trip – teens travel with a few chaperones somewhere to help in minor building projects for those in need – it gives teens an opportunity to meet every day people who are like them, but in economically distressed situations, to get to know them, and to serve them in a tangible way as part of encountering and serving Jesus Christ.

Yet the best practices in youth ministry call for a family-based, parish-led, inter-generational way of doing ministry that helps teen build a sense that their church is their home, and gives them a sense of affilitiative faith crucial to ongoing discipleship.

Our solution? Bring the “trip” home, so the whole parish can take part! This year we’re partnering with Rebuilding Together’s Quad City branch to serve another household in the QC area that needs a helping hand! What kinds of projects might we do? Scroll down to take a look at some of what we did last year!

Catholic Worker Mission 2017

In July of 2017, our parish partnered with the Davenport Catholic Worker “Green House” to work on helping out with over a dozen projects of different shapes and sizes – all to benefit the homeless and poor who are served through the Catholic Worker ministry and use those facilities. You can see before, during, and after shots of some of the things we worked on below!

Porch Before

Porch During

Porch After

Mailbox Before

Mailbox After

Stairs Before

Stairs During

Stairs During

Stairs After

Frontyard Before

Frontyard During

Frontyard After

Backyard Before

Backyard During

Backyard During

Backyard After

Shed Before

Shed During

Shed After

Blinds Before

Blinds During

Blinds After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom During

Bathroom After

Oven Before

Oven After

Porch Ceiling & Light Before

Porch Ceiling & Light During

Porch Ceiling & Light After

Inside Before

Inside During

Inside During

Inside After

Care Packages During

Care Packages After

The Catholic Worker House

Every month OLV youth ministry goes down to the Catholic Worker “Green” House to cook a meal with and for the guys who live there. Teens who participate learn practical cooking skills, and have the opportunity to work with the poor where they live. This gives them an opportunity to really meet and develop relationships with those on the margins of society.

Last year, that relationship served as the foundation for our summer parish mission, which you can see above. But it continues every month with ongoing acts of service including meals, fellowship, and this past Spring break a “mini-mission” to do some Spring cleaning!

Every Month

2nd Tues


Food and Fellowship

Catholic Worker Green House

What can I do?


“The ‘evil mechanisms’ and ‘structures of sin’ of which we have spoken can be overcome only through the exercise of the human and Christian solidarity to which the Church calls us and which she tirelessly promotes.”

St. John Paul the Great

Solllicitudo Rei Socialis

Opportunity for Families

We are now inviting families to participate with their children in solidarity work at the Catholic Worker House. If you want to give your children an experience of solidarity with the poor, if you want to teach them to serve those in need together as a family, or if you just want an excuse to make everyone sit down together for dinner, sign up here! or contact us below!

15 + 9 =

Coming Soon!

The Works of Mercy Challenge

As we develop our small faith communities, they will be challenged to complete small service projects focused on the Works of Mercy.  More to come as we grow!


feed the hungry

shelter the homeless

clothe the naked

visit the sick

visit the imprisoned

bury the dead

give alms to the poor


counsel the doubtful

instruct the ignorant

admonish the sinner

comfort the sorrowful

forgive injuries

bear wrongs patiently

pray for the living and the dead