Life Long Faith Formation

… An innovative approach to Life Long learning

We are excited to offer a variety of programs available to Our Lady of Victory that educate and enhance our understanding of our Faith.

Life-long learning is the goal of our Diocese and for our parish. Activities across the parish will be available. You can sign-up or get information by calling our Faith Formation office 391-8384.

For Adults

Christian Experience Weekend (CEW)

The Christian Experience Weekend is a spiritual retreat that offers an opportunity to take a break from the demands of everyday life and look at who we are and where we are going. It is an opportunity to rediscover oneself, your faith, and connection with God. The weekend includes talks, small group discussion, private reflection, liturgy and plenty of time for fellowship. It is conducted by a team of lay people, a priest and spiritual director. It’s a weekend to listen, pray, learn, relax and be refreshed. The weekend welcomes everyone regardless of where they are in their
spiritual lives. Many people attend because they would like to improve their relationship with Christ and others to spend time in reflection.

Women’s CEW 2023: February 17, 18,1 9
Men’s CEW 2023: March 3, 4, 5


If you are interested in becoming Catholic, please contact the Parish Office at 563-391-4245.  Initiation sessions meet on Sundays, after the 9:00 AM mass.

RCIA inquiry sessions will be held weekly throughout the year. Bring your questions, and our experienced team members and pastoral staff will do our best to respond. Bring someone along; spouses or friends are always welcome. Our group forms over several weeks, so it’s not too late to join us in the Gathering Space Meeting Room. No cost or obligation involved. Come and see how Catholics gather, worship and share the life of our Faith in Jesus.

For Liturgical Ministers –

Liturgical lay ministries include: Lectors, Hospitality Ministers, Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound and members of the Choir.

Workshops are offered throughout the year for continued growth in understanding their service.  Please check the parish website and bulletin for dates and details.