Installing Zoom

For Macbooks

    1. In Safari, go to the teacher’s home page.
    2. Click on the link for the teacher’s Zoom meeting room.
    3. Zoom will ask for permission to download.  Click OK.
    4. A message will appear in the upper right corner of Safari telling you to click the Downloads button when the download is complete.
    5. When the download is finished, click the Downloads button, and then double-click on the Zoom.pkg file that is displayed.
    6. Zoom will ask for permission to install.  Click Continue.
    7. Zoom will ask for permission to access files in your downloads folder.  Click OK.
    8. Zoom will now open.


For Chromebooks

1.  Click this link to find the Zoom extension in the Chrome Web Store:

2.  Click the Add to Chrome button.
3.  Your Chromebook will ask you if you want to add Zoom.  Click Add App.


For iPhones and iPads

Install the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app (published by Meet Happy and Zoom) from the App Store.


For Android phones and tablets

Install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app (published by from the Play Store.


For Windows computers

    1. Zoom will download when you click a link to a Zoom meeting.
    2. Click on the download and Zoom will install.