Protecting God’s Children

Many adults throughout the diocese have been participating in the “Protecting God’s Children” program. This adult training program helps adults identify ways to make children’s environments safer, identify the reality of and warning signs of abuse, and become more confident in their ability to safely minister to children.

Participation in this program is required of all employees and volunteers, including JFK Davenport Parks & Recs teams using our property and scout leaders.

Who is required to participate in the Protecting God’s Children Program?

  • Priests and Deacons
  • Parish and school employees
  • Scout Leaders
  • Coaches
  • Volunteers involved in any overnight function
  • Volunteers who through one or multiple roles work with minors or dependent adults four or more times per year

For more information about Protecting God’s Children and how to register, please contact Lisa Willows (563-391-8384) or Emily Sanderson (563-391-3030).