Shelly Furlong – Fourth Grade


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Weekly Parent Letter

4th Grade Letter 6_1-6_5

Service Project/Community Outreach:



Fourth grade is an exciting year! The students are always anxious to begin traveling and become more independent. They will have me for every subject except social studies. They will go to Mrs. Logan’s room for that. Please feel free to contact me if you are unable to find the information you need on this site.

Please check your child’s backpack for notes and daily homework assignments. Homework will be based on work not completed during the normal school day. It will vary daily, and some students may have more than others. They will typically have a spelling activity to do 3 times a week that should only take about 10 minutes to complete.

Assignment notebooks will be important for students to stay organized and to complete work on time. They are often used as a form of communication between teachers and parents. Teachers check them daily and we ask that you do as well. Students have a ‘Take Home’ folder with pockets labeled ‘Things to Keep’ and ‘Things to Return’. We have found that this also helps with organization.

You can help your child develop strong reading comprehension skills by reading to your child, and having your child read to you. Remind your child to take it slowly and read so that the words make sense. Finally, ask questions about what was read. Talk about the story together. Try to read with your child as often as possible. It is an excellent way to build and improve reading skills and demonstrate the importance you put on reading.



I have taught at JFK for 31 years. I have previously taught second grade and fifth through eighth grade Social Studies. I currently teach fourth grade. I am married and have four children and 3 grandchildren. My children all graduated from JFK and Assumption High School and my granddaughter is currently in preschool at JFK. I stay busy going to many sporting events and I love to read, garden, do puzzles and most of all spend time with my grandchildren.