Chad Steimle – Principal

B.A., Marquette University
A.M. in Divinity, University of Chicago
M.S. in Ed. Admin., Western Illinois University
Superintendent Certificate, University of Northern Iowa

I am now entering my 19th year as principal of JFK, having started in the summer prior to the 2001-02 school year.  Each year brings different challenges, and I think we get better each year at what we do.  One of the ways in which we continue to improve is through “intentionality.”  We may have been doing great things before, but we didn’t necessarily know it.  Now, we are much more intentional in identifying those great things, developing new ones, and incorporating them into our regular practices on a building-wide level.

I have now lived in Davenport for 29 years, having moved here from a southern suburb of Milwaukee, conveniently called South Milwaukee.  I began my career in education teaching religion at Assumption High School.  After nine years in the classroom and working as the religion department chair, I spent one year in the student services office.  My background in religion, music, and academia was a perfect fit for JFK’s culture of religious growth, academic excellence, drama and music participation, and the growth mindset.

My wife, Lynn, works in student services at Assumption.  We have four children, three of whom graduated from JFK.  Colleen lives in North Carolina where she works in the financial services sector.  Tom is in South Carolina and a full-time student studying journalism.  Kirsten is a teacher in the Des Moines public schools, and Caitlin is a student at the University of Kansas.