Parish Pastoral Council

Here to Serve You….

The Parish Council of Our Lady of Victory consists of 12 elected parish members, two Parish Lay Directors, the Pastor and various Ex-Officio members. Each spring four new members are elected. They serve a 3-year term. The Parish Council meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the parish center. Meetings are open to all. Membership is open to interested parishioners 18 years of age and over.

The Council has numerous committees on which council members and others may serve. These are: Liturgy, Family Life, Church Life, Buildings & Grounds, Education, Stewardship, Christian Service, Ecumenical, Finance, Young Adult, Wellness, Vocations and other ad hoc committees when needed. As a group the Council is advisory to the Pastor on all aspects of parish affairs.

Current Council Members

John Wichelmann (Vice President)kwichelmann@aol.com326-7178
Al Boboth (Deacon)bobotha@diodav.org388-9460
John Wagner (Deacon)jwagner@mchsi.com391-2805
Vern Vonderavvern@msn.com508-1474
Chad Lochner (President)lochnerc@hnicorp.com299-7938
Matt Henningmatthew.allen.henning@gmail.com217-415-8930
Ralph Armstrongralphcarmstrong@gmail.com468-8701
Deb Friederichsdebfriederichs27@gmail.com529-2000
David Mattke (Business Manager)davolvbiz@diodav.org391-4245
Charlie Jones (Lay Director)c4521jones@aol.com391-0724
Scott Bengfortbengfort4@gmail.com441-0480
Kerri Nykoluk (Secretary)nykoluk4@gmail.com388-8172
Marc Mosse (Deacon)marcmo1@peoplepc.com386-8658
Maureen Mosse (Ladies' Council)
Chuck Gerlachlbcgerlach3@gmail.com630-544-7845
Chad Steimle (JFK)chad.steimle@olvjfkmail.com391-3030
Judy Johnson (Lay Director)judyj1020@msn.com210-5154
Karon DeCock-Hustedkarondecock@yahoo.com388-7013
Kathy Petersenrjpeterson5@msn.com388-5192
Suzanne Yackleyjayackleys@msn.com391-5522
Fr. Jacob Greiner (Pastor)greinerj@diodav.org391-4245

Buildings and Grounds

Mission/Goals: This committee is responsible for the upkeep and repair of the entire parish plant. It meets monthly and coordinates with maintenance workers and other parish staff. The committee prioritizes maintenance needs, makes repairs as they are able, and develops recommendations about future requirements.

Interested in flower gardening? A dedicated group plants the flowers each spring. They also take care of weeding and watering. If you have a green thumb, or would simply like to assist, just let us know. Contact the Parish office to get involved.

Professionals & Skilled Trades: Volunteers are sought to work on specific projects throughout the year. Professionals and individuals with skilled trades, who are willing to share their talent for the good of the parish, are invited to make themselves known. The committee will connect with you on an as-needed basis.

Use the link below to access a copy of the emergency response plan to address potential hazards that could interrupt worship or threaten our church facility.

Church Crisis Management Plan

Contact: Casey Pape (563-949-5516) Email:

Church Life Committee

Mission/Goals: This is a regular committee of the Parish Pastoral Council. It is responsible for overseeing and publishing parish activities, social events and communications.

Update: A parish Fall Fair is planned for September 2013 on the campus grounds. Food will be provided. You won’t want to miss the fun and entertainment for all ages. Watch the bulletin for details.


Family Life Committee

Mission/Goals: The Family Life committee is a permanent part of the Pastoral Council. It meets regularly and works with the Diocesan office to promote Christian marriages and family life.


Contact: Chris Wemhoff (381-4189) Email:

Finance Council

Mission/Goals: This committee consists of pastor-appointed members, the two parish Lay Directors, a Parish Council representative, a Board of Education representative, and the pastor. Lay members are appointed for a 3-year term, on the basis of their expertise in the field. The committee meets on the 4th Monday of each month in the Gathering Space meeting room. It advises the pastor in the administration and stewardship of parish finances, budget, facilities and long-range financial development.

Members: Bob Briggs, Charles Jones (Lay Director), Bernie Mack, Judy Johnson (Lay Director), Matt Osen, Rick Willows, Molly Crosby, Peter Schuster (Board of Ed), Fr Jacob Greiner

Contact: Fr Greiner (391-4245)

Stewardship Committee

Mission/Goals: The mission of the Stewardship Committee is to assist parishioners in understanding and embracing the importance of stewardship in their daily lives and in the life our our community.

Update: All parishioners, young and old, have gifts to share. Giving our time and talent is an important aspect of our Christianity. Sharing time means being with God in prayer and worship, sharing love with family and friends, and volunteering in church and community activities that help others and promote justice. Sharing our talent arises from our God-given abilities to do certain things well and our responsibility to develop and use these talents. Please prayerfully consider giving back a portion of your time by engaging your talents in service to God and your parish/school. All responses gratefully accepted!

Members: Jim Hagerman, chairperson, Fr. Jake Greiner, Deacon Al Boboth, Judy Johnson, Peg Macek, Ralph Armstrong, Chuck Gerlach and Matt Henning.

Handbook of Ministries