Shelly Furlong – Fourth Grade

Mrs. Furlong’s Fourth Grade

Please check your child’s backpack for notes and daily homework assignments. The assignment notebook should keep communication between school and home up to date. Choose a well lit, quiet place for your child to do homework. We also suggest you only give your child help if he or she makes a real effort to do the work first. Children need encouragement and support. Your consistent praise can encourage your child to do his or her best work. Praise your child’s efforts each day to help lead to higher achievement in school.

You can help your child develop strong reading comprehension skills by reading to your child, and having your child read to you. Remind your child to take it slowly and read so that the words make sense. Finally, ask questions about what was read. Talk about the story together. Try to read with your child as often as possible. It is an excellent way to build and improve reading skills and demonstrate the importance you put on reading.

In Fourth Grade Math, our goal this year is to have the students become familiar with, and comfortable using the Math Practices Standards established by the Common Core. These practices are as follows written in student friendly ‘I can’ statements:

  • I can solve problems without giving up.
  • I can think about numbers in many ways.
  • I can explain my thinking and try to understand others.
  • I can show my work in many ways.
  • I can use math tools and tell why I chose them.
  • I can work carefully and check my work.
  • I can use what I know to solve new problem.
  • I can discover and use shortcuts.

Please continue to work on basic multiplication and division facts.

A copy of the grading scale used in third and fourth grade is found below. Please note this scale stays true to the ‘standard’ scale in the A and B range, but does give leeway in the C and D range. Most papers the students do will be marked with a percentage, and letter grade.


99-100 A+
95-98 A
93-94 A-

90-92 B+
88-89 B
85-87 B-

82-84 C+
79-81 C
75-78 C-

71-74 D+
68-70 D
65-67 D-

64-Below F


Shelly has taught at JFK for over 25 years. She was a 2006 Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year. She has taught second grade and fifth through eighth grade Social Studies. She currently teaches fourth grade. Shelly is married and has four children who have all graduated from JFK. She stays busy going to many sporting events and loves to read and garden.