Rachael Whelchel – Seventh Grade, Seventh & Eighth Grade Math


Important Dates:

  • 11/9 Crusader Theater School Performance 8:45-10:50
  • 11/9 and 11/10 Crusader Theater 7pm (all 7th graders must be at school at 6:30)
  • 11/10 In-service  NO SCHOOL
  • 11/17 Where Blue Day
  • 11/22-11/26 Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/27 Blood Drive forms due
  • 11/28 Call night #1
  • 11/30 Call night #2


8th Grade Math

Eighth grade will continue working on slope, y-intercept, and slope intercept forms. They have made a slope tree and pennants to practice finding slope. Students will also be going outside to graph on a life size coordinate system to practice their graphing skills. After we complete our study of slope and graphing, we will begin work on complex equations.

7th Grade Math

Seventh grade has just completed working on complex fractions and unit rate. We will begin working on understanding proportional relationships, graphing proportions, creating equations for the graphs, and identifying constant rate of change. We will finish our unit working on tax, tip, mark-ups/downs, and percent change.

Reminder: After school tutoring is on Tues. and Thurs. from 3-3:30.

Math Resources

Khan Academy
Online math book

7th Grade S.S.

Seventh grade has begun work on the 5 Themes of Geography. Will will use these themes to describe and explore the world. Students are getting a refresher course on latitude, longitude, and locating things places using different types of maps. We will soon begin looking at different economies and governments throughout the world.

This will be my tenth year teaching math and social studies here at JFK.
I am a graduate of Lakeland College in Wisconsin. I graduated with a degree in Elementary/Middle School Education with a minor in Science. I hold a middle school and generalist endorsement, and have recently completed course work for my math endorsement. My husband and I have two children. Our daughter Delaney will be attending JFK this year as a kindergartner. Our son William  will be attending JFK Guardian Preschool next year.