Michelle Jordan & Melanie Blocker – Preschool

We are excited to teach you, watch you grow and learn this school year! Preschool is an exciting time! We will be busy learning lots of things but also have fun while doing it! Our website will be updated monthly with information about what is going on in the classroom as well as important dates, our website will serve as our monthly newsletter for the class. Below you will find information about what our classes are doing. The important dates will also change monthly. Lastly there will be things that remain on here all year like our class times, birthday treats, book orders and meet the teachers. Also remember to check your child’s folder daily for any information that might be sent home.

Preschool Class Times

Monday- Friday Morning 7:45am- 10:45am, except Wednesdays when it is 7:45-10:15am

Monday- Friday Afternoon 12:00pm-3:00pm, except Wednesdays when it is 11:30am- 2:00pm

Monthly Newsletter Information

Academic Information

The letters we will learn in January are D, R, and B.  We will have a review week as well, going over the past letters we have learned.  We will begin our unit on Transportation.  In Social Studies we will be talking about different types of transportation and how we get from place to place. In Science we will continue doing different experiments. In Math we will be reviewing shapes, counting, and sorting.

We will continue doing our weekly Second Step cards, which help us learn about feelings, emotions, being a good friend and how to make good choices.  We do our Heggery Phonics program twice a day to help with pre-reading skills.


Important Dates 

January 11– Early Dismissal NO AFTERNOON PRESCHOOL
January 12– NO SCHOOL In-service
January 15– NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Jr.
January 19– Book Orders Due
January 27– Spaghetti Supper

Reminders/Important information

Now that winter weather has arrived, remember if the weather is too cold to be outside we will be lining up five minutes before school starts inside. That means 7:40am for the morning class and 11:55 (except Wednesday 11:25). We will continue dismissing the children from inside for pickup by the brick overhang.

If you have not labeled your child’s hat, coat, and gloves with his/her name, please do so. This helps us return missing items to children if they are lost or left behind.

We will have conferences coming up next month (February). The way to sign up for them will be through the e-mail link like the fall ones. More information regarding this will follow. We will have a Valentine’s Party in February as well. More information regarding that will also follow later.


Books we will read this month/Nursery rhymes

Detective Dog and the Disappearing Doughnuts
Roise Rabbit’s Radish
I Love Planes!
Clickey Clack
Ride Away, Ride Away
Mouse Deer Crosses the River
Pete the Cat Go, Pete, Go!

Don’t Wake the Bear

Monthly Tip/Suggestion
Review the letters we have learned already this school year! Practice and review helps keep them fresh and retain the information they have learned. Make a game of it by looking for letters while driving in the car, such as B is for Burger King, or I spy something that starts with M.

Check out the link below for a great article on why reading to your child is so important!




Daily Routine
Arrival/beginning of day routine
Circle Time
Learning Centers
Literacy or Math
Letter Knowledge
Heggerty (Phonics)
Group Work at tables (Book time when children finish)
Science, Social Studies, Second Step, or Literacy
Heggerty (Phonics) Part 2
Go home


Circle time- This is how we start off our day every day. During circle time we are on the rug and do a variety of activities such as: question of the day, attendance, calendar, day of the week, Pledge of Allegiance, and Heggerty Phonics to name a few things.

Center time- This is the time during the day when the children get to play in the different centers of the classroom. We have center time on a daily basis. The centers we have in our classroom are: blocks, pretend play, toys & games (manipulatives), art, listening/library, writing, sensory table and technology.  The children have the chance to go to three centers each day. The first center the children get to pick where they would like to go, then for the second and third center they are rotated to a different center by the teacher.  Center time provides the children for time to interact socially with each other and learn through their play and exploration of the materials in the classroom.

Large Group Lesson– This is the time when we are on the rug learning from our Little Treasures curriculum, Everyday Math Heggerty Phonics, and Second Step. The Little Treasures Curriculum includes instruction on identification of each alphabet letter and letter sounds. Little Treasures is based around themes. Each theme teaches a variety of things, such as: friends, transportation, farm animals, zoo animals and many more! Everyday Mathematics is the curriculum used to teach preschool math concepts such as sizes, patterns, counting, numeral recognition, number concepts and more. Second Step teaches children about appropriate classroom behavior, how to name and manage feelings and how to get along with others.

Small group lesson- During this time we work with small groups of children on a variety of academic and social emotional skills. Small groups give us a chance to work more one on one with children and reinforce what we have been learning as a whole group.  It also provides time to work with each child’s needs/abilities.

Snack- Don’t forget to check the snack calendar to see when your child has snack. When you receive a note home that it is your child’s turn to bring in apple juice, please make sure it is 100% apple juice. If you do not recieve a note home about apple juice you do not need to worry about sending it to school with snack. Please also make sure that the snack is in its original package with the ingredients clearly listed and from the required list. Thank you!

Outdoor Play– We try and get out to play on our playground (it is the one with the white picket fence around it) on a daily basis as long as weather permits.  When the weather does not allow us to go outside we do different gross motor activities such as Gonoodle, dancing or games in our classroom.

Technology- We use technology on a daily basis in our classroom. We have a smartboard that the children will use for attendance each day. We also do a variety of activities and lessons on the smartboard that allows the children to interact and makes the learning hands on.  We also have I-pads in the classroom that the children get to use. We call Friday our “technology day”, as that is when I-pads become a center choice for the children.  We have a bunch of educational apps downloaded on them that they can choose from to play.


Birthday Treats

If you wish to send something to school for your child’s birthday please make sure it is a
non-edible item due to allergies. Some ideas to pass our for birthdays are: mini play-doh, stickers, pencils etc.. Two great places to check for ideas of a non-edible item are the Dollar Store and Target’s Dollar isle, both have some neat things! Thanks for your understanding about providing a non-edible birthday treat!

If you would like to invite people in your child’s class to a birthday party and want us to hand out the invitations, it must be for everyone in the class or all the boys if your child is a boy or all the girl’s if your child is a girl. We can not pass out invitations to just certain people. Thanks!

Scholastic Book Orders

Our four year old class will be doing scholastic book orders this year. If you wish to purchase from them you can go online and use the following information to place an order. We will not be sending home paper copies. We will let you know when the orders will be due.

Ordering online is fast and easy:

  • VISIT scholastic.com/readingclub
  • ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code GQWYB
  • SHOP from a carefully curated selection of the best books, value packs, and Storia eBooks
  • SUBMIT your order and earn FREE Books for our classroom

All book orders will be shipped to our classroom so we can celebrate the joy of reading together!

Meet the Teachers

Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Blocker co-teach together. Mrs. Jordan is the lead teacher in the M-F Morning class and Mrs. Blocker is the lead teacher in the M-F Afternoon class.  We also have a shared preschool aid in our classroom. Miss T is the preschool aid for all sections of preschool.


Mrs. Jordan is the lead co-teacher for the morning four year old M-F class. Mrs. Jordan has taught pre-school level for over 17 years. She recieved a B.A. in Early Childhood Special Education with a minor in psychology from St. Ambrose. She has been a teacher at JFK for 15 years. Mrs. Jordan and her husband Jason have two sons. One is a freshman at Assumption high  school and the other is in sixth grade at Williams.








Mrs. Blocker is the lead co-teacher for the M-F afternoon four year old class.  This will be her fifth year at JFK and the start of her eighth year teaching preschool. She received a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Western Illinois University in Macomb. She recently completed her Masters of Arts  in Early Childhood Education from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI).  Mrs. Blocker enjoys spending time with her husband, Luke and their cats, Garfield and Holly, along with cooking, photography, swimming and traveling.






Ms. Alicia Turnquist (Miss T.)  is the shared teacher’s assistant among the preschool classrooms.  She received a Bachelor’s degree from St. Ambrose University. She has been working in classrooms for almost 10 years. Miss T worked 5 years in the JFK Early Learning Center as an assistant and became the preschool assistant in 2013-2014. She has 2 wonderful children, an amazing finance and 2 soon to be “bonus” children!






Preschool Supply List

1 backpack-large enough to hold a folder, papers, projects. ( NO wheels please)
1 box of 24 crayons (regular sized crayons)
8 glue sticks
1 pair of child size scissors
1 box of washable markers
1 package of play doh (4 set package)
1  package small paper plates
1 package of water color paints
1 box of quart size Ziploc bags
1 small plastic work box (about 8”x5”) with your child’s name on it.

An extra change of climate appropriate clothing labeled with child’s name in Ziploc bag.

Please make sure your child’s name is on the outside of the backpack, scissors and work box

You will be asked throughout the school year to provide paper towels, Clorox wipes and Kleenex. We will have a note and or calendar for you to see when your child needs to bring it in. This helps us save space in our classroom so we do not have a huge supply to store. Thank you! :)