Kelly Poster – Second Grade

                                         Welcome To Second Grade

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Here are the directions and basic information for accessing SeeSaw.

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Seesaw login instructions

Teamwork will be the theme of our classroom .We will work together and learn to help one another. Our classroom rules will be based on this theme.

Your child will bring an assignment notebook and a folder home nightly. In the assignment notebook you will find a list of days on the right hand side. I will place a star in the daily box to show positive academic and social growth. If there were struggles that day I will place a comment in the box to keep you informed. There will be a spot on the left hand side which will let you know the homework for the day. Please sign this box so I am aware that you have seen the assignment notebook for the day.

Your child will also bring home their completed papers for the day in their folder. Please remove the papers and return the folder along with the assignment notebook to school the next day. Make sure any homework is put in the folder and brought back to school as well.

If you have any questions or concerns at anytime please call or e-mail me. My e-mail is and my phone is 391-3030. I am looking forward to a great year with your child,


Kelly has been teaching at JFK since 2005, She began substituting and then became a preschool resource teacher, sixth grade teacher, and finally a second grade teacher for the last four years. She has had previous experience as a first grade teacher for eight years. Kelly and her husband Mike have three children who all attended JFK.  Her family attends Our Lady of Victory. Kelly is excited to pass on the great educational experiences to her students that JFK has to offer as her own children received in the past..