Jodi Weiser – Fifth Grade

Welcome to 5W


Your child will bring a folder home each night that will contain any homework, graded papers, and notes from school. Please check it each day, and return homework, any notes that go to the office, lunch money, or anything else that needs to go to school. Your child will also have a homework planner. They will write down their homework in their planners each day. Please check their planners and that their homework is completed. It is a good idea to get in a routine of doing homework, studying, and checking the planner each evening, and making sure your child gets enough sleep. If the homework is not done on the day it is due they will be written in the behavior binder.


Monday will be the Spelling Pre-test and Friday will be the Spelling Post-test. All other subjects’ students will have a week notice for an upcoming test. If you need the spelling words for the week please click the link:

Behavior Binder

If your son/daughter is written in the behavior binder 3 times in one day they will have to serve a detention. Depending on the severity of the issue will determine the length of the detention.

Civic Oration

This is a new and exciting time for your son/daughter! They will be competing in a speech competition. We will be working in class on this but it is also expected that they work on this outside of class. Please look out for material regarding this! It will be sent home before Christmas break.