Deneen Woerdehoff – Sixth Grade, Spanish, & Resource

Welcome to Mrs. Woerdehoff’s Classroom Page!

Here you can find information about:
6W’s Homeroom,
6th grade Social Studies,
6-8 Spanish,
6-8 Resource
6th Grade Extended Studies

6W Homeroom

Welcome to another great and exciting school year! This year I am pleased to be the homeroom teacher to 6W.

Please make sure to check JMC for grades for all your childs’ classes. This the best way to keep up to date about missing assignments and their current grades.

A good video about the new mindset we have for our students in our classrooms can be viewed by clicking this link: Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

6th Grade Social Studies

Welcome! This year I will have both 6T and 6W classes for Social Studies. Here you will find information pertaining to each social studies class.

Don’t forget to sign up for ClassDoJo.  If you need your students’ code, please email me and ask for it!  ClassDoJo is an awesome way to keep in contact to know what is going on in Social Studies and other school events!

Social Studies Class Rules
1. Be on time
2. Bring all materials
* Textbook, notebook, vocabulary folder, pen/pencil
3. Follow directions
4. If I can’t read it, I can’t score it
5. Have respect at all times

In Social Studies students will be working on key vocabulary, along with content which will be tested upon. Students will be notified beforehand if a test is coming up with ample time to study for it. Normally there will be a test for every chapter along occasional quizzes.

Students will have 1 week to correct a failing assignment. After the re-sub date has passed, students will not be able to turn in for a corrected grade. Students will be asked to place a date on the assignment as a reminder or I will place one on there. Credit for corrected assignments will only be 1/2 of the original credit assigned. Tests cannot be corrected.

Students in both classes were given a vocabulary folder which help them with studying the vocabulary for each chapter.

Students will also use Google Classroom via Google Apps for Education for Social Studies. Assignments along with frequent vocabulary checks will be used with this. Please ask your child to show you Google Classroom.


Spanish 6-8

¡Hola! Welcome to Spanish class! This year the Spanish class will once again use technology to teach this language. We are using the online education version of Rosetta Stone software for grades 6-8. Students WILL NEED a binder this year as for we will be going through new grammar section; unless past 6th and 7th grade gave me their binders to hang onto from last year. Also, Ms. Siefers worked hard this summer getting enough licenses and replacing the headphones for this program. Please thank her when you see her for all her hard work and long hours doing this!

PLEASE NOTE: 6th grade will have Spanish one day a week for the entire year. 7th and 8th grades will now have Spanish ALL YEAR long. They will no longer have typing opposite of Spanish.

Students will be able to work at his/her own pace to learn this new language. Completion is monitored and if a student is struggling, he/she will recieve help to continue on a steady pace.

Spanish Class Rules
1. Be on time
2. Bring all materials
3. Follow directions
4. Have respect at all times


Resource & Extended Studies

This year I will be only doing Resource (assisting students in need of help and/or challenging work) when I am not teaching Social Studies or Spanish. During this time I will be focusing primarily on working with grades 6th-8th with math and reading; however I will still work with students K-8 if time allows.

Also this year JFK will be continuing the implementing of Iowa’s C4K and RtI/MTSS process for FAST reading and iReady. I continue to learn this process first hand from the Department of Education through different trainings.

New in the 2016-17 school year is the addition of Extended Studies for the sixth graders. This class will meet once a week and will focused on an area in either Math or Language Arts. The content will be decided upon areas of need when I collaborate with Mrs. Thomas. There will be small groups, large groups, and independent lessons during this time.


I joined JFK in 2007 as the Resource/Reading teacher after graduating from St. Ambrose University with my BA in Elementary Education and endorsements in Reading and Special Education. In 2011, I changed my position to sixth grade homeroom/Social Studies, 6-8 Spanish, and 6-8 Resource. This year marks my 11th year at JFK; I am very excited!

Along with teaching here at JFK, I am also  the main adviser to JFK’s student publication: The Crusader Chronicle. Please take a look at our newspaper by going to the Crusader Chronicle webpage located on this website.

I live in Davenport with my husband, and my fur-children.  I love spending time with my three nephews, niece and two godsons. I am also an avid bowler and participate in many bowling tournaments at the city, state and national levels.