March 12, 2017

Tuition Contracts for Returning Students and New Kindergartners
Tuition contracts for next school year were mailed late last week.  Take care of it before spring break so you don’t forget!  There are multiple grades on the edge of waiting lists, and we have families inquiring about JFK all the time!  For questions about your tuition contract or if you have not yet received yours, please contact Rita Nagle in the parish office (391-4245).

Preschool and ECLC Registration
Preschool and ECLC/daycare registration has begun.  JFK has several options for three and four year olds:
T/Th morning 3 year olds
MWF morning 3 year olds
Both of these can be combined with full day childcare.
M-F morning 4/5 year olds.  This program can be combined with full day childcare.
M-F afternoon 4/5 year olds

Did you know that Iowa leads the nation in the percentage of families with children under the age of six in which both parents work?  Iowa is around 75%.  Access to quality preschool and childcare programs is a must for Iowa families.  JFK is proud to be able to help families and prepare students for school.

Register now as waiting lists will start forming.

Kindergarten Round-Up Was Feb 16
Kindergarten Round-Up was February 16th.  Please contact the school office as soon as possible, if you missed it.  Beginning this pre-registration process is the first step in ensuring your child a spot for next year.  Last year we had 60 families that wanted kindergarten spots, and we had to use a waiting list and refer to our enrollment policy to limit class sizes.  Do not delay!

Registration for other students will begin in the next few weeks.

How Much Reading Will Your Student Do Over Spring Break?

A third grader reading 20 minutes per day outside of school on Friday, March 17 – Sunday, March 26 at the benchmark of 116 words per minute will be exposed to nearly 23,200 words.  Thirty minutes per day will yield exposure to nearly 35,000!
A 6th grader reading 20 minutes per day at the benchmark of 159 will be exposed to 32,000 words.

Don’t forget math automaticity either.  Math automaticity refers to the instant, seemingly effortless recall of math facts.  When students become automatic with math facts, the cognitive processing parts of the brain can focus on other aspects of math problems.  (Similarly, when students are fluent and accurate readers, their brains are freed up for comprehension and more deeper understanding of what they read.)  Math automaticity is achieved when the response time is somewhere between 250 mili-seconds and 1 second.  For an interesting 3 1/2 minute video of math automaticity and the brain, enter the following address into your browser or click here:

Gala Donation?
Have you made a donation yet to this year’s Gala?  A $10 donation from each family at JFK will yield more than $2,000 in “seed money.”  This $2,000 can then be used to underwrite the Gala.  A small amount can then be leveraged into something tenfold or more!

Re-Designed Website 
We are in the final phases of a complete re-design of the parish and school’s website,  We hope to launch on April 1st!

Road Construction — Intersection Work Begins March 13th
A redesign of the intersection of Kimberly and Division is set to begin March 13th.  Please be aware of the disruption to normal traffic flow while they redesign the intersection and work on the roads.  For more information follow the link here or enter the following url into your browser:

H & S Fundraiser
Chipotle:  3/15/2017, 4:00-8:00 p.m.  5270 Elmore Avenue
The flyer will be emailed and sent home.  You’ll need to show the official flyer (in hard copy or on your cell phone) or tell the cashier that you are there for a fundraiser.  JFK’s H & S receives 50% of the proceeds!

H & S Officer Nominations
Look for a nomination form for H & S officers to come home this week and to be emailed to you.  Keep the H & S working for your child!  Nomination forms will be due back by March 16th.

Keep Your Eye on the Calendar — Highlighted Events
There are many activities in spring.  Please keep your eye open to the calendar on our website, emails, and hard copy documents.  You don’t want to miss anything!  Below are a few highlighted events:

  • March 13:  5-8 C.O. speeches begin.  Band boosters at 6:30 in the library
  • March 14:  3/4 spring show in gym (1:45, 6:30)
  • March 15:  H & S Chipotle Fundraiser, 4-8 p.m.
  • March 16:  3/4 out of uniform.  C.O. round two speeches.  H & S at 7:30 in PC
  • March 17:  End of 3rd qtr.  1:00 special dismissal.  No afternoon preschool classes.  Green/white out of uniform dress day
  • March 20-24:  Spring Break.  Heating work at JFK begins.
  • March 27:  Classes begin again.  Work on A/C in church begins.