April 23, 2017

Registration Discount Expires This Week

The expiration deadline for discounted registration ends this week.  Save $25 per student, and return your tuition contract now.  For questions about your tuition contract, please contact Rita Nagle in the parish office (391-4245).

First Communion and Confirmation

It was a big weekend for second and eighth graders at Our Lady of Victory.  On Saturday, eighth graders received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and, on Sunday, second graders received their First Communion.  We are so proud of our students!  Second graders and eighth graders can be out of uniform on Monday, April 24th.  (They still need to follow the out of uniform guidelines in our handbook.)

Preschool and ECLC Registration Continues — Childcare Still Available

Registration for preschool and ECLC continues in the school office.  JFK has several options for three and four year olds, and there are still some childcare spots available:

  • T/Th morning 3 year olds
  • MWF morning 3 year olds
    • Both of the 3 year old programs can be combined with full day childcare.
  • M-F morning 4-5 year olds.  This program can be combined with full day childcare.
  • M-F afternoon 4-5 year olds

Register now as waiting lists will start forming.

Gala — Even Better Than We Thought

We are up to just under $31,000 from this spring’s Gala!  What a blessing for OLV and JFK!  Thank you, again, to everyone who contributed in one way or another to making this year’s Gala so successful.

Online and Digital Safety

If you were not able to attend the online and digital safety parent education session, I hope you find other means to keep up to date with these issues.  It seems that almost all significant issues that arise in schools these days have something to do with technology, if the technology itself is not the sole problem.  Sometimes, the issues even involve youth at multiple schools as passing a note at school these days is not done on paper; it’s done by text and social media and usually sent to one’s “group” of “friends!”  Today’s social media of choice seems to be Snapchat, but it will change tomorrow.  Please exercise parental responsibilities in relation to children’s cell phones and use of technology.

Entrepreneurs Curtailed

It seems that there is a growing number of entrepreneurs, some as young as in third grade, at JFK taking orders and selling “slime.”  Policies 820 and 820.5 would apply, and this “business” is prohibited.  Back to cleaning one’s room and doing chores!

Home & School

Skate Night is Wednesday, April 26th at the Eldridge skate park.  Skating begins at 6:00 p.m.  Fun Night, unfortunately, has been cancelled.  There just did not seem to be enough volunteers in order to continue planning for this event.

End of 4th Mid-Quarter

The end of the 4th mid-quarter is Friday.  Mid-term progress reports will be emailed/sent home early next week.

End of the School Year Date Changes

Thank you for responding to the poll regarding what we should do about our last day of school now that the DCSC has changed its last day, which will affect bus transportation.  Right now, about 80% of the poll’s respondents have voted to do what the DCSD is doing and just move the last day of school up a day, and, thus, eliminate a day of school.  JFK’s board meets on the first Tuesday in May and will make the final decision at that time.

Fine Arts Standards Feedback

The Iowa Department of Education is seeking feedback on the National Core Arts Standards, which were developed by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards. Feedback gathered through spring public forums and an online survey will be used to provide guidance to the Fine Arts Standards Adoption Team, whose charge is to recommend fine arts standards to the State Board of Education. If adopted, fine arts standards would be recommended, but not required for Iowa school districts.

Public forums have been scheduled statewide on April 25 and April 27, and an online feedback survey is open through May 12 at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZF7BCQY

The in-person public forums are from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.  They are originating in Johnston, Iowa, but the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency in Bettendorf is a satellite site as well.  The MBAEA is located at :  729 21st Street, Bettendorf.

Last week’s email from the DE was the first I’ve heard about the standards in ages.  I’ll have to explore them myself.

Mass Intentions – Thank You

I would like to thank the person who had my recently deceased brother-in-laws as Mass intentions this spring.  I sort of knew about the first one in advance as I had been looking for it in the bulletin.  When I saw it in the online bulletin, I sent my sister the link, and she and I were very touched.  The second one, however, took me by surprise this weekend as I had not seen it in the bulletin.  When I heard my brother-in-law’s name mentioned at Mass, I was just floored with emotions.  With First Communion, Confirmation, and several family members out of town this weekend, we were a little split up as a family with our Mass attendance.  In fact, there probably wasn’t a single person in the church other than me who knew for whom we were praying or to whom he was related as my sister and family are not from around here, and I hadn’t mentioned his actual name to many people.  It didn’t really matter though.  At that moment, it was a little message from God to me, arranged by a sly friend, and supported by an entire assembly of the faithful.  The tear I shed today was not just for the First Communicants; it was for being personally touched by God in another special way.  Thank you.